Far Out Africa 

Day 14

Monkey Bay to Nkhata Bay

Day 25
Route :Nairobi to Mbale
Distance : 536 Km
Lunch : Kisumu
Over night : Mbale

Overnight http://www.krugerpark.co.za/Kruger_Park_Safari_Packages-travel/kruger-park-classic-lodge-packages.html

Day 22
Route : Tanga to Arusha
Distance : 411 km
Lunch : Mwanga
Over night : Arusha

An airport shuttle will be waiting for you at Cape Town international airport, and will transfer you to the hotel. We shell all gather at our hotel in Cape Town around midday.After refreshments, we shell introducing to our bikes then we shell take a short test ride along the wine route, getting used to the bike and riding procedures.At the evening we shell have supper at the waterfront Cape Town


A Free day of relaxation on the shore of Lake Malawi with its crystal clear water. You can use this day to explore the lake, diving, snorkeling, relaxing in the sun and have some massage to relief the mussels.. Still long way ahead. 

Overnight at : http://amiranahotel.com/

Day 11
Route : Chimoyo to Blantyre Malawi
Distance : 581Km
Lunch ; Tete Mozambique
Over night : Blantyre

Day 5.

Durban to Mbabane 

Today we one of the most enjoyable riding experience. Most of it on poor tarmac road, and some on a dirt roads. We shall be riding along Lake Malawi from south to north. At the end of the day we shell reach an amazing lodge, having enough time to enjoy the surrounding a company. 

Today we will leave the coast line and will penetrate Mozambique. We shell ride towards north. The roads are slowly becomes less maintained, and in some parts we shell use dirt roads, We shell cross the bridge over the Zambezi river, and will enter the north territory of Mozambique. Around the afternoon we shell reach out daily destination at Chimoyo, up in the mountains. 

Day 7
Route : Day of Game drive
Distance : 0
Lunch :  At the lodge
Over night : Kruger national park 

Last Riding day… today we shell leave Jinja towards Kampala. We shell ride through the sugar cane plantations, and we shell reach our lodge, in Kampala, around midday. Later on we can use the time to explore Kampala with its attractions.

We shell start our journey today in Zanzibar port, taking the ferry boat back to the main land. From there we shell proceed towards north, along the Indian Ocean, up to the coastal town of Tanga.Type your paragraph here.

We shell start our journey at the center of Cape Town. From there we shell take the costal road southbound, towards Cape Point NP, the southern point in Africa with 02 oceans view.we shell stop over to lunch break at Simon’s Town. A picturesque fisherman village .After lunch we shell proceed to our destination, Pearly beach. Arriving at Pearly beach assumed to be at the afternoon. Road condition- excellent.

We shell start from Swaziland, towards north, on to the biggest national park in South Africa, the Kruger national park. The roads condition is not as good as we got used up to now. Very sensual riding day. We shell arrive at our lodge, within the park at early afternoon, and we shell go on an evening Game Drive.

Day 8
Route :  Kruger to Vilanculos
Distance : 620 km 
Lunch : On the way- Lunch box
Over night ; Baobab beach resort

 A magical way to explore the island by using our bikes… day of a truth leisure .

Day 3.

Pearly Beach to Port Elizabeth

Overnight http://www.krugerpark.co.za/Kruger_Park_Safari_Packages-travel/kruger-park-classic-lodge-packages.html

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Day 21.

Zanzibar to Tanga

Proceeding on the coastal road towards East. It is a long and easy riding day.  In some parts of the way we shell branch into the mainland, riding in an amazing scenario of mountains and river crossing. At the afternoon we shall return to the costal road, reaching our destination, Durban.


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Day 7.

 Day at the Kruger National Park     

Day 30.

From Kampala to Entebbe
Tour ends…..

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From Mbeya, we shell proceed East, towards Dar E Salam. We will ride on the main road to Dar E Salam, and will finish our day at Mikumi NP. 

Day 12
Route  : Blantyre to Monkey Bay
Distance : 251 km
Lunch :  On the lake
Over night :  Monkey bay

Day 20.

Zanzibar tour  

Today we have a long and tuff riding day, which will start at our Lodge in Kruger, and will end in Villanculos, Mozambique, on the Indian Ocean. We shell leave the park early morning towards the South Africa/ Mozambican border. We shell cut Mozambique from West to East, using a dirt roads…it is the first day to ride within Africa… 


Overnight at :http://www.sa-venues.com/visit/cliffcottage

Day 14
Route :  Monkey Bay To Nkhata Bay
Distance ; 455 Km
Lunch : On the way- Lunch Box
Over night : Nkhata bay  

Day 6
Route :  Mbabane To Kruger Park
Distance : 430 km
Lunch : Nelspruit
Over night : Kruger national park 

A nice and easy riding day ahead.. We shell cross the mountains surrounding Blantyre, heading to Zumba, and to the lake. Lake Malawi is one of the most beautiful places in Africa, with crystal clean water and allot of water activities.. Type your paragraph here.

Day 8.

Kruger National Park to Villanculos      

Day 2.

Cape Town to Pearly Beach 

Day 17.

A day at Mikumi National park
Game drive 

Day 10
Route :  Vilanculos to Chimoyo
Distance :  445 km 
Lunch :  Chimoyo Amirana Hotel
Over night : Chimoyo

Day 10.

Vilanculos to Chimoyo

Today we shell cross to Zanzibar from the mainland. The ferry boat will take some 02 hours. Later on today we shell have a free day in Zanzibar with all its activities.

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Day 25.

Nairobi to Mbale

Day 15

​Nkhata Bay to Mbeya 

Day 13

Free day for leisure in Cape Meclear, Malawi 

Day 26
Route :  Mbale to Jinja
Distance : 136 Km
Lunch : Jinja
Over night : Jinja

Day 4.

Port Elizabeth to Durban 

At this day of leisure we shell spend crossing around the town of Arusha, visit local market, and roaming around the Kilimanjaro Mountain 

  • landing in Cape town 
  • Transfer to the hotel
  • Check in and refreshments
  • Introducing with our bikes.
  • Short test ride to the wine route.
  • Back to the hotel, packing up
  • Supper at the hotel

21 riding days.
3 days of  Game Drive.
5 Days of leisure. 
1 day departure.

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Day 21
Route : Zanzibar to Tanga
Distance : 411 Km
Lunch : On the way
Over night :Tanga

Starting our morning in Durban, proceeding towards East, still on the coastal line, to Richard’s bay. We shell stop over at Richards bay, and from there we shell leave the coast line and will branch towards north, into the main land, to the manumeas terrain of Swaziland. 

Villanculos is situated on an archipelago. The amazing India Ocean at its best.. Activities for your choice your choice includes diving, snorkeling, island tour, kite surfing, wind surfing kayaking and so on...The clam and beautiful surrounding will give us the opportunity to fill in our batteries for the journey ahead.  

The Trance African Dream…

Overnight http://www.baobabbeach.net

Overnight at  http://www.kelvinlodge.co.za/durban_accommodation_guest_house.html

Day 29.

Day of leisure in Kampala 

Today is a full long riding day, still on the coast line, on an excellent tarmac roads. We shell stop over for lunch at Mossel Bay, one of the most beautiful bays along the South African coast line. With a little luck we will be privilege to see walls and dolphins that are roaming in this ocean frequently. We shell reach our destination, Port Elizabeth by the afternoon.

Day 23
 Route :  Arusha - Kilimanjaro
Distance : 70 Km
Lunch : At your choice
Over night ; Arusha

Day 17
Route :  Mikumi - Game drive day
Distance : 0
Lunch :  At the lodge
Over night:  Mikumi NP


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Day 9
Route : Day of rest
Distance ; 0
Lunch : At your choice
Over night ; Baobab beach resort

Day 19.

Dar E Salam to Zanzibar 

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Day 26.

Mbale to Jinja

Day 18.

Mikumi NP to Dar E Salam 

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Form Tanga, we shell leave the Ocean and turn towards west, to Arusha, Moshi and mount Kilimanjaro.. One of the most iconic features in Africa.

Today we shell experience a long riding day, crossing the border between Mozambique and Malawi. Malawi is like a country that was taken out of a ferry tell. It is relaxed, welcoming, and worm. Our destinations is Lake Malawi, the last lake on the grate riff valley. Type your paragraph here.

Day 27
Route ;  Jinja
Distance : 70 Km
Lunch : At your choice
Over night : Jinja

Day 13
Route ; Free  Day
Distance ; 0
Lunch ;  At your choice
Over night ; Monkey bay

Day 1.

Day of Arrival- Wine route.

Day 29
Route :  Kampala
Distance :100 mk
Lunch : At your choice
Over night : Kampala

Day 4
Route :  Port Elizabeth to Durban
Distance : 790 Km
Lunch: East London
Over night : Durban

Game drive is one of the most popular ways to see animals in their natural habitat. Driving in a custom built safari vehicle with a professional driver and/or guide, you will be searching wildlife and exploring the true African wilderness.

Join this expedition… 

Crossing Africa from Cape Town to Kampala


South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Kenya and Uganda 

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We shell leave Arusha early morning towards north, to the Tanzanian – Kenyan borer. Once we shell cross the border, we shell proceed to Nairobi, the East Africa capital.

Day 15
Route :   Nkhata Bay Mbya TZ
Distance :  387 Km
Lunch :  Karonga
Over night : Mbeya

Day 20
Route : Roaming in the island
Distance : 120 Km
Lunch : On the way
Over night : Zanzibar

Day 5
Route :  Durban to Mbabane Swaziland
Distance : 565 Km
Lunch : Richard's Bay
Over night : Mbabane


Overnight at :  http://hillview-hotel.com/

Day 2
Route : Cape town to Pearly beach
Distance : 330 Km
Lunch : Simon's Town
Over night :  Pearly beach Guesthouse

Day 16.

Mbeya to Mikumi NP 

Today we shell have an easy riding day, that will ends in Jinja at the source of the Nile. Jinja is an amazing small colonial town, laying on the shore of Lake Victoria. . We shell reach our lodge literally on the River Nile.   

Day 6.

 Mbabane to Kruger Park

Day 28.

Jinja to Kampala 

Day 12.

Blantyre to Monkey Bay

Day 22.

 Tanga To Arusha- Kilimanjaro

Overnight http://www.mtmerugamelodge.com/

Overnight http://www.baobabbeach.net

Day of leisure at the adventure capital of east Africa. You can roam around with the bike visiting Bujagaly falls, Jinja market or, you can use a half day rafting trip on the mighty River Nile, or, just enjoy the pool at our lodge.

Day 18
Route :  Mikumi to Dar E Salam
Distance : 306 Km
Lunch : On the way
Over night : Dar E Salam

Today we shell explore the Kruger National Park. The bikes will rest today, we, however, will be busy looking for have the big five .after early morning breakfast, we shell start our morning game drive. At around 10:00 we shall return to our lodge, within the park, and will enjoy the rest of the day at the pool. Later on, at the afternoon, we shell take the afternoon game drive. Supper will served at the lodge.

We will start our morning on the lake. Then we shell proceed with our journey towards north, heading the Malawi Tanzania border. After entering Tanzania, we shell proceed to Mbeya, the capital of southern Tanzania for overnight.

Day 19
Route :   Dar E Salam to Zanzibar
Distance : 0
Over night :Zanzibar

Day 16
Route :  Mbeya To Mikumi
Distance : 473 Km
Lunch: Iringa 
Over night : Mbeya

We shell leave our lodge at the morning heading to Entebbe international airport.Lunch at the botanical gardens at Entebbe…. Then, departure home.

Welcome, Welcome.

The only good reason for starting a long journey, is the chance of meeting new people, making new friends, listening to new voices, and learning….

It is not about the surrounding and landscaping... it’s about culture.

It is not about getting, but about giving, because we believe that giving is getting.

Far Out in a glance:

Far Out Africa was establish at 2001, in East Africa as an extreme tourism and special missions company.

For over 14 years, Far Out Africa has operated unique in-depth, off the beaten track, motorcycle expeditions throughout Africa.

On those years we have reached to the most remote and hazardous places in Africa, trying to integrate with the local population and to contribute with our knowhow and resources for the benefit of the local communities.

We have been ridding across the Namibian deserts, all the way to the red skinned tribe, sawing Egypt throughout the Sahara desert with its magnificent oasis’s, and currently we operating in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Congo DRC, Rwanda and south Sudan, Malawi and Mozambique.

Far Out and social responsibility.

We at Far-out Africa strongly believe in a social responsibility, and accordingly we have established various projects related to education, agriculture, art, design and welfare. We are traveling and operating throughout out the continent, in order to identify the needs and the support can be given to the locals, all with allot of respect to the tradition and habits.

The target: Creating a platform for self-suitability.

We are setting up a collaborated workshops with international students and institutes, as well as privet individuals, in order to support with local population by creation of a platform of design and manufacturing of products from local materials, by the local, in order to assist and create a self-suitability.

With this approach we have set up an internet connectivity in more than 300 secondary schools in Uganda and South Africa collaborated with the word bank. We have been building schools in Congo DRC, and set up an art and design workshops in many villages along the way.


Now, Far Out Africa is collaborating with ASEM, an organization that its objective is to assist with the children of Mozambique.

Far Out Africa, with its vast experience of implementing projects in Africa, together with ASEM that has 26 years of on the ground activity, are promoting a volunteering program that will assist with the organization, with its objective and will give you the opportunity to come over and make a small change for Africa and a life changing experience for you.

Why joining us?

With over a decade of experience traveling throughout and continent and exposing the real Africa to our gusts, we know how to deliver a life-changing experience while fulfilling the potential of your skills on behalf of the lives of children of Mozambique.


Make it happened... come to make the difference with us now.

 At a start, you will need to fill in the volunteering request form attached here.

Fill in the form and send it back to us at gad.farout@gmail.com and our volunteering center will contact you shortly.

 Scenic Travel

Day 3
Route : Pearly beach to Port Elizabeth
Distance : 665 Km
Lunch : Mossel Bay
Over night : Port Elizabeth

Total distance covered 8614 Km in 30 days .

Day 24.

​Arusha to Nairobi 

 Pervious expeditions 

Day 23.

Arusha- Serengeti- Kilimanjaro
Free day 

Day 11.

  Chimoyo  to Blantyre

Today we shell cross Tanzania from East to West. Part of the way is running actually within the NP. We assume to arrive Dar E Salam towards the afternoon.

Day 9.

Day of rest in Vilanculos

Day 28
Route :  Jinja to  Kampala
Distance : 90 Km
Lunch : Kampala
Over night : Kampala

Day 27.

Free day in Jinja - Rafting.

Today we shell cross from Kenya to Uganda, the pearl of Africa. Our destination is Mount Elgon, the coffee capital of Uganda. 

This is it.. Last day of using the bikes.. At the morning we shell visit the equator. Later on we shell explore Ovino Market -the biggest market in East Africa for souvenirs. After lunch we shall return to our loge and say good bye to the bikes. At the evening we shell have a farewell party, at a local night club.

 Overnight at  : http://www.geckolounge.net/

Overnight at : http://pongwe.com/?gclid=CjwKEAjwjca5BRCAyaPGi6_h8m8SJADryPLhMQwfN-kvGVsyq-y79FVD90YWXKm_W-4sgHlsuIZblBoCF6Lw_wcB

Day 24
Route :  Arusha To Nairobi
Distance : 267 Km
Lunch : Nmanga Border
Over night : Nairobi