Far Out Africa 

Welcome, Welcome.

The only good reason for starting a long journey, is the chance of meeting new people, making new friends, listening to new voices, and learning….

It is not about the surrounding and landscaping... it’s about culture.

It is not about getting, but about giving, because we believe that giving is getting.

Far Out in a glance:

Far Out Africa was establish at 2001, in East Africa as an extreme tourism and special missions company.

For over 14 years, Far Out Africa has operated unique in-depth, off the beaten track, motorcycle expeditions throughout Africa.

On those years we have reached to the most remote and hazardous places in Africa, trying to integrate with the local population and to contribute with our knowhow and resources for the benefit of the local communities.

We have been ridding across the Namibian deserts, all the way to the red skinned tribe, sawing Egypt throughout the Sahara desert with its magnificent oasis’s, and currently we operating in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Congo DRC, Rwanda and south Sudan, Malawi and Mozambique.

Far Out and social responsibility.

We at Far-out Africa strongly believe in a social responsibility, and accordingly we have established various projects related to education, agriculture, art, design and welfare. We are traveling and operating throughout out the continent, in order to identify the needs and the support can be given to the locals, all with allot of respect to the tradition and habits.

The target: Creating a platform for self-suitability.

We are setting up a collaborated workshops with international students and institutes, as well as privet individuals, in order to support with local population by creation of a platform of design and manufacturing of products from local materials, by the local, in order to assist and create a self-suitability.

With this approach we have set up an internet connectivity in more than 300 secondary schools in Uganda and South Africa collaborated with the word bank. We have been building schools in Congo DRC, and set up an art and design workshops in many villages along the way.


Now, Far Out Africa is collaborating with ASEM, an organization that its objective is to assist with the children of Mozambique.

Far Out Africa, with its vast experience of implementing projects in Africa, together with ASEM that has 26 years of on the ground activity, are promoting a volunteering program that will assist with the organization, with its objective and will give you the opportunity to come over and make a small change for Africa and a life changing experience for you.

Why joining us?

With over a decade of experience traveling throughout and continent and exposing the real Africa to our gusts, we know how to deliver a life-changing experience while fulfilling the potential of your skills on behalf of the lives of children of Mozambique.


Make it happened... come to make the difference with us now.

 At a start, you will need to fill in the volunteering request form attached here.

Fill in the form and send it back to us at gad.farout@gmail.com and our volunteering center will contact you shortly.

 Scenic Travel

Welcome to Mozambique..

The volunteering takes place 5 days a week.
After breakfast on your balcony, you’ll be escorted to one of our projects.
There, you’ll be introduced to the project manager, the objective of your journey and its activities. Our coordinator will assist you through the process of becoming involved, to make the beginning easier.  
At the end of each day, our vehicle will take you back to your accommodation.
To learn more about our needs and volunteering options, please take a look at the volunteering page.

Your mission and daily routine:

The Far Out Africa Volunteering Camp is located at the Vilanculos Archipelago in Mozambique.
The camp is at the beachfront, with a breathtaking view over the magnificent Indian Ocean and Bazaruto Island.
The camp is totally devoted to volunteering accommodations. 
In these amazing surroundings, you’ll have your own self-contained hut, with full privacy and with direct access to the water right ahead of you.

Your hut will serve as your home for the duration of the volunteering period.
At the camp there is also a joint fully-equipped kitchen for your use.

The volunteering program was designed so you can fulfill your volunteering and your contribution to the maximum, combined with enough free time to enjoy the beaches and surroundings at our magnificent volunteering camp.

Welcome to Far Out Volunteering Camp
Your home while you’re with us …